Visa support

If you want to visit Russia it is necessary to issue the entry visa which will be valid for the period of your stay in the country. The tourist can receive the visa on the basis of the invitation or visa support from the Russian party (side) the Russian consulates in the country of your stay.

Ural Line Tour renders tourist visa support to visitors of Yekaterinburg. The tourist visa is made out free-of-charge. The following documents are necessary for tourist visa support: the invitation from the tourist organization and the passport, valid within not less than 3 months after departure of Russia.

For the visa the tourist pays consular gathering in a consular department of Embassy of the Russian Federation in the country of reception of the visa. The size of gathering in each country various also depends also on term of registration of the visa.

We can issue the business - visa too giving the right on entrance on the territory of the Russian Federation. This service appears for an additional payment. 

At entrance on territory of the Russian Federation the tourist registers the visa within 72 hours from the moment of crossing frontier: in local branch of internal affairs or in hotel it is necessary to show(present) the passport with the visa to registration.

Invitations for Business and Guest Visa 

Validity of a visa/ Issuance duration

Issuance in 21 working days

Issuance in 14 working days

Issuance in 5 working days, for business only 

Single/double entry, up to 1 month valid

2550 RUR

4550 RUR

5550 RUR

Single/double entry, up to 3 months valid

3050 RUR 

5050 RUR

6050 RUR

Multiple entry, 3 to 12 months valid

5800 RUR 

7800 RUR


For countries of strict migration control (Asia, Africa, Latin America):
1000 RUR above mentioned rates

 Invitation for tourist visa 

Validity of a visa/inssuance duration

Issuance in 3 working days

Issuance in 1 working day, (for the next day)

Issuance by day

Single entry, up to 1 month valid

1950 RUR

2950 RUR

3950 RUR

For countries of strict migration control (Asia, Africa, Latin America):
1000 RUR above mentioned rates

Important:  If you book visa support It often happens that you are asked to book one more service as transfer, for example. That is just to be sure to get your visa.




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