City tour

City tour (3-4 hours). This bus tour presents you the capital of the Urals in all its beauty: nice quays quiet and sad at night and animated in the day-time with numerous cafеs which attract you like a magnet, its the 17-19 centuries' buildings with a particular architecture, theatres, exhibitions, its monuments as ones to the founders of the city - Tatitchev and Guennin and to Peter the Great, for example. You'll see the birth-place of the town - the Historic Square, the dam (what look! It takes your breath away!) and the plants'equipment patterns of the past - enormous, black, strangers in our epoque.

It will be so exciting to make the acquaintance of the house (an ex-station) where the Decembrists had a stop on the way to Siberia, the Novo-Tikhvinsky convent and the Alexander Nevsky cathedral, the residence of the merchants Rastorgouyev - it'a real palace on the Voznesenskaya hill, the Main Mine office where all the Urals plants were directed from.

The city changes at night. Both restaurants and casinos with discos open their doors.


Cosack fortress

Demidov inclined tower


Europe-Asia border

Finding emeralds

Goulag memorial

Koungur ice cave

Lost talk mine

Museum of wooden art on the open air (Nijniaya Sinyatchicka)

National park Arkaim

National park Deer Springs

Raspoutin Museum

Savage birds nursery

Ural plants

Urals wooden art

Verkotourye - orthodox capital of the Urals

Ural rocks within the city

City tour

Ganina Yama - Romanov family