Museum of wooden art on the open air (Nijniaya Sinyatchicka)

This excursion offers you an opportunity to learn about the history of the Urals colonization, to see towns and villages located on the Rezhevskoy and Alapeyevsky Grand Roads, wooden architecture of the Urals and lifestyle of local peasants plant workers.

In the town of Alapayevsk you will visit the memorial museum of the famous Russian composer P. I. Tchaikovsky where a unique collection of musical instruments is exhibited.

In the village of Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha you will see rare exhibits of the museum of Wooden Architecture and Urals Folk Painting located in an outstanding architectural monument of the 19th century - the Transfiguration church. The complex of wooden buildings including houses of the 17 - 19th centuries, a prison, a watchtower, a fire station and nice wooden chapels situated on the riverbank will draw your attention.

The visit of the monastery on the place where Great Princess Elisabeth - the sister of Empress Alexandra - and her relatives who were imprisoned in Alapayevsk were murdered is another part of the tour.




Cosack fortress

Demidov inclined tower


Europe-Asia border

Finding emeralds

Goulag memorial

Koungur ice cave

Lost talk mine

Museum of wooden art on the open air (Nijniaya Sinyatchicka)

National park Arkaim

National park Deer Springs

Raspoutin Museum

Savage birds nursery

Ural plants

Urals wooden art

Verkotourye - orthodox capital of the Urals

Ural rocks within the city

City tour

Ganina Yama - Romanov family