Koungur ice cave

This tour gives you an opportunity to admire the nature of the Urals in all its splendor. It also acquaints you with the history of settlements in the region and gives information about the history of the Great Siberian road (also called the Moscow road) and the populated areas nearby. One of the oldest towns of the Urals - the town of Kungur - will also be presented to you.

In Kungur you will make a tour round the town and an exciting excursion to the ice-cave, which will reveal to you its 20 marvellous grottos: the Diamond and the Polar grottos with their glaring snow crystals; the Meteor grotto, reposing in pitch-darkness; the Ethereal grotto with its all-the-year-round dripping and "organ-pipes" - a kind of well-like holes which water drops make in the rock mass. You will also have a chance to see magnificent underground lakes, and amazing stalactites and stalagmites.



Cosack fortress

Demidov inclined tower


Europe-Asia border

Finding emeralds

Goulag memorial

Koungur ice cave

Lost talk mine

Museum of wooden art on the open air (Nijniaya Sinyatchicka)

National park Arkaim

National park Deer Springs

Raspoutin Museum

Savage birds nursery

Ural plants

Urals wooden art

Verkotourye - orthodox capital of the Urals

Ural rocks within the city

City tour

Ganina Yama - Romanov family