Verkotourye - orthodox capital of the Urals

This tour acquaints Yekaterinburg's inhabitants and guests of the Urals with the history of the oldest town of the region - the town of Verkhotourie (its origin dates back 400 years), which is located 300 km north from Yekaterinburg.

You will get to know the history of the town: its formation and development as a spiritual pivot of the Urals.

You will see architectural monuments on the territory of Kremlin including the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (1703). You will visit the following functioning monasteries: Nikolayevsky monastery, where the relics of the Saint Simeon of Verkhotourie are exposed, and Pokrovsky convent (1744-53). You will see the third largest cathedral in Russia - the Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross. And you will also be struck by the mesmerizing collection of the Orthodox museum of Nikolayevsky monastery.




Cosack fortress

Demidov inclined tower


Europe-Asia border

Finding emeralds

Goulag memorial

Koungur ice cave

Lost talk mine

Museum of wooden art on the open air (Nijniaya Sinyatchicka)

National park Arkaim

National park Deer Springs

Raspoutin Museum

Savage birds nursery

Ural plants

Urals wooden art

Verkotourye - orthodox capital of the Urals

Ural rocks within the city

City tour

Ganina Yama - Romanov family