Trans Siberian

or Great Siberian Way is one of most interesting places in Russia. Unique nature of the heart of Russia, peculiar cities that are connecting the European part of Russia, the Urals, Siberia and Far East Russia will give you many new experiences. So if you would like a tour to Trans Siberian, just call us: + 7 (343) 213-63-19. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

To visit Middle Ural - means to open the "malachite box" full of its precious gifts. Sverdlovsk region is the store of nature, land of industry, science, culture, talented people and workaholics; it is proud of the title of "supporting land of the State" and proves it at every step. 

Who does not know today about Ural emeralds? Who has not ever heard about our walking excavators, titanic fusions, motor bicycles "Ural", products of "Uralcarplant"? Who has not ever tried chocolates "Confy"? Who has not ever seen beautiful memorial of Russian history - Verhoturie? Welcome to our hospitable Ural land and you will get to know from where the legends occur.

Being in the heart of Russia, on the frontier of Europe and Asia and on the crossing of the main trade routes Sverdlovsk region becomes today the center of international business activity. We have something to offer not only foreign tourists, but also our partners. The tendency to cooperate, frankness and mutual relief run in blood of Ural people.